Bedtime Trader – The Test & Review

16th April 2013: T–15 days and counting

Hi, today I have created this brand new web site

Why?….. Well let me tell you my plan…..This afternoon I have ordered a copy of Bedtime Trader by Kevin Greenhall.  The plan is to start trading using the Bedtime Trader system from 1st May 2013.  I will then post a daily update on how it’s going and whether I am making money or not….a sort of live Bedtime Trader review if you like.

I first heard about Bedtime Trader last week from a friend of mine who deals with currency exchange as part of his job.  He has just invested in this trading system software but hasn’t started with it yet.  Having sparked my interest, I searched for more info on the net over the weekend and found some good stuff on spread betting, trading and investing…..but that was all a bit over my head.  I just wanted some real honest user experience of the Bedtime Trader system and results that even I could understand.

That’s when I got the idea for this blog site. When I get the Bedtime Trader system myself, I can share my results live daily through my blog.  So that anyone who is interested in buying it can see my results, thoughts and comments first.  So it’s simple, honest, unbiased and reveals my results day by day.

Who am I?  My name is Rich and I live with my wife and 4 year old son in Worcestershire in the UK.  I have to admit however, that I have no experience in foreign exchange (in fact I only learnt that Forex means Foreign Exchange last week!).  I have never traded in any market before.  I don’t know the Forex strategies lingo, trading markets and haven’t even seen the Bedtime Trading product, software, manual yet.  I am a complete novice with zero experience. I hope the training materials are good!

I have to say I’m quite excited about it (the trading system and my blog page!). Will I make any money? Will anyone even visit my blog?  As they say the proof is in the pudding….or trading in this case.

I will try and make my site informative and useful over the next couple of weeks, and it would be great to get your comments and feedback. Watch this space….stick me in your bookmarks.

Cheers, Rich

Author: Rich E

Bedtime Trader Review & Test
1st May to 27th June 2013
Bedtime Trader
Bedtime Trader


  1. Perron Torpe

    I’m also trying BTT – can you explain which validation rules you use to reject/modify a trade as my results look quite a lot worse than yours. So looks like your validation is better! Keep up the good work – your site is very useful.

    • Rich

      Hi Perron,

      Thank you for your kind comments, I am pleased you are finding the site useful. I use the checklist in section 11 of the Bedtime Trader manual. I have basically written this into a spreadsheet format in as much detail as possible, even down to the colour of the candle etc. This ensures that I don’t miss any of the validation. I would also suggest going over the training material several times (each week or a few weeks as you are already trading) as I have picked up new things, each time I have reviewed it after some trading experience. Then reviewing Kevin’s e-mails and looking at the charts at the same time has also helped improve my skills. I hope this helps. Keep in touch.

      Cheers, Rich

  2. Debbie

    Hi Rich
    Do you or anyone else know what happened with the singals on Thursday night? eg £/Jpy, dollar/JPy and CAD/Jpy All buy singals from BTT and all spend the whole of Friday selling off? I was gathering confidence in the system up till this point?



    • Rich

      Hi Debbie,

      Warren answerd you question the the Chat Room tonight Answer: “it was all about the fundamental analysis & not just the technical. Markets were showing there was no way on gods green earth the Yen would decrease.”

      Cheers, Rich

  3. Andy



  4. Andy

    Hi Rich and everyone else. Just got my pack through on Wednesday read the book and played the DVD’s and decided last night to place a trade on the CHF/JPY, probably not perfect wth the moving averages above the move but wanted to break the ice and get stuck in. Never traded in my life like some of you guys, but thought I would give it ago and see how it works out. Just a quick question anyone, do I have to exit the trade manualy or does it automaticly cease 24hrs after placed. Only found this site after I bought the BTT and watching closely appreciate you doing this.


    • Rich

      Hi Andy,

      Welcome aboard. You need to exit the trade yourself manualy before 22:00 tonight. Remember that the Forex market closes at 22:00 on a Friday…….and you don’t trade on Fridays 🙂

      Cheers, Rich

  5. Hill

    thanks for this blog,
    I am trying a few different methods for forex. was holding off on bed time trader for the moment since the independent reviews I got of this were not that exciting ( for one example, they say it is not bad but not too good).
    I am hoping to see otherwise on you blog so I might consider joining.

  6. Rick

    Hi Rich
    I have just bought this product after considering it for sometime. Like you and others who have left a comment, I have little experience of forex and look forward to sharing with you my findings. Upon reading the start of your blog, I wasn’t aware the apparent delay from the point of ordering to delivery. Hopefully by the time I do receive it, I won’t be far behind. Thank you for taking this initiative, it will help all of us who have bought it, either proving its worth or highlighting its shortfalls well within the money back guarantee period.

  7. Mark Phillips

    Hi Rich.

    Well done for taking the initiative. Like you, I am interested in Bedtime trader, have zero experience, just found out what ‘Forex’ means and I live in Worcester,
    (no four year old though!).

    I look forward to following your results.


  8. mark

    Hi i have just bought this to. I am a total novice and i am relying on the literature that come with it. I do hope it is not to complex. It does say it is simple but i will be the judge of that. How are you all getting on with the literature you have been sent?

    • Rich

      Hi Mark,

      Me too. I am still awaiting my Bedtime Trader package to arrive so I havn’t seen the literature yet. I am hoping (fingers crossed) it will arrive Mon or Tue in time for my planned kick off on Wednesday 1st May. Keep on touch.


  9. Mike j-w

    Hi Rich,

    Glad I’ve come across your blog site, as I’m very interested in seeing the results of this system……..really hoping it makes money!!!!



  10. Hi Rich. I`ve just bought the package and will be starting to use it at about the same time as you. I too am a total novice. I`m not sure whether the financial claims are realistic. Time will tell if it`s another `pie in the sky` dream being pedalled around the internet. Still, there`s always a refund if it doesn`t do what it says on the tin. The jury is out.

  11. Al

    Looking forward to an honest review of one of the many trading “systems” available….